Guide Your Users to Increase Retention Rates

Quite some time ago, when Friendster was still a thing, the founder released a statement saying that they found having five friends was critical to keeping a user active. This meant that if a new user was unable to make at least five connections, the likelihood of them sticking around for more than the first week was dramatically reduced. What Friendster did was integrate a “Find your Facebook Friends” flow as part of their onboarding experience. Users were encouraged to use their Facebook login to sign in and then the system would find other Facebook friends using Friendster. The app would ask if they wanted to make theses same connections in Friendster. This was an easy way for them to reach that five person threshold that made user retention so successful.

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Curating Your Social Streams

Getting valuable content from your social streams has become increasingly more difficult with all the noise out there. Learn how I curate my content feeds with a few tips, tricks, and interesting (Twitter) analysis, to get the most out of each platform.

Reading versus Filtering

Whenever I have a free minute (usually during my morning coffee, stretching after a run, or waiting for my burrito order to be ready), I’ll take out my phone and look for something actually worth reading. Between Facebook, Twitter, Medium,, TechCrunch, Mashable, and others, I always have plenty of content to choose from, but often my few minutes of reading time turned into my few minutes of filtering time. My ability to consume content, rather than just read the headlines, became a crap shoot. Most of the time if I find something even remotely interesting I start to read it, and then quit after the first few paragraphs if I misjudged it. Great, more time wasted.

Lately, I’ve been trying to rid my life of as much noise as possible by either better curating the content on the platforms I use, or by stop using the platforms with subpar content. First up, rid my life of useless content.

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