Creating Systems with Asana

Ever since reading The E-Myth Revisited a hundred years ago or so, I have become a huge proponent of using systems to help run and optimize business processes. No matter how big or small the task, if it is something that is repeated, there should be a system. Having good systems in place not only makes training easier when mitigating turnover, but they provide measurable processes that can be constantly tweaked to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

We started using Asana at ShopAdvisor about a year ago as part of my ongoing war to eliminate email (but that’s another story). It took some getting used to (even now we still have a few holdouts), but once we migrated completely from JIRA, we had much greater participation from all team members, not just the developers. Asana also gave us a lot more flexibility around tasks lists, prioritization and recurring tasks. This made it extremely easy to implement and manage systems with complete transparency to the whole organization.

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