The Simple Web Service

Last Updated: July 17, 2020

A basic of pattern for creating a serverless API or web service. This example uses DynamoDB as the database because it scales nicely with the high concurrency capabilities of AWS Lambda.

Interactive Reference Architecture

Click on the components or numbered steps below to explore how this architecture works.

This is the most basic of patterns you’re likely to see with serverless applications. The Simple Web Service fronts a Lambda function with an API Gateway. I’ve shown DynamoDB as the database here because it scales nicely with the high concurrency capabilities of Lambda.

Deploy this Pattern

Below are the basic configurations for deploying this pattern using different frameworks and platforms. Additional configuration for your environment will be necessary. The source files and additional examples are available in the GitHub repo.

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Want to Contribute?

All patterns and sample code are free to use and available under the MIT License. If you'd like to contribute to these patterns, please submit PRs to the GitHub repo.

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  1. Nice !
    I am curious to know: how did you create your interactive architecture diagram ? Did you implement it by yourself or with a 3rd party tool/lib ?
    Thanks for sharing !

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