My new gig: Chief Technology Officer at AlertMe

Tomorrow I officially join the AlertMe team as their Chief Technology Officer. I’ve known about this company for quite some time, and I always loved the core concept. I’ve been helping them out here and there over the last few months, and I look forward to joining the team, just in time for BETA launch.

What is AlertMe?

AlertMe helps publishers connect directly with their readers in ways they never could before. It allows the reader to raise a hand to say: “Keep me updated on a story that matters to me… don’t make me hunt it down, or hope to randomly stumble upon it.” This helps creates loyal, regular readers, that return to the publisher’s site when new information is published.

How does it work?

The AlertMe algorithm is built with Natural Language Processing & Contextual Semantics via Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to be a partner to a publisher, not a competitor (or ‘frenemy’). By analyzing articles and extracting key concepts and themes, AlertMe can alert users to new articles that are relevant to specific topics and stories they are interested in.

Where do I sign up?

AlertMe is currently piloting our BETA on a select group of publishers’ websites. We’ll be rolling out the product to more publishers over the next few months. If you see the “AlertMe” button on an article, you can sign up right from there.

The AlertMe Button

I truly think this could change the way publishers interact with their readers. While Apple News, Facebook, Twitter, etc. make it easy to discover recent news articles, AlertMe makes sure readers don’t miss follow up stories about the topics that interest them the most. This will be especially exciting for regional news stories that don’t get national coverage. I’m looking forward to where this goes, and I believe readers will find it incredibly useful.

For more information about the company, check out

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