🚀 Project Update:

Lambda API: v0.6 Released

v0.6 is all about making the serverless developer's life easier! New support for both callback-style and async-await in route functions and middleware, new HTTP method routing features, and route debugging tools. Plus Etag support and automatic authorization parsing. Read More...
🚀 Project Update:

Lambda API: v0.5 Released

v0.5 takes advantage of AWS Lambda's recently released support for Node v8.10 and has removed its Bluebird promise dependency in favor of async/await. Lambda API is now faster and adds built-in CORS support, additional wildcard features, new HTTP header management methods and more. Read More...
🚀 Project Update:

Lambda API: v0.4 Released

v0.4 adds support for a number of standard use cases while still keeping it as lightweight and unopinionated as possible. This new release adds Static & Binary File Support, Route Prefixing, and more. Read More...
🚀 Project Update:

Lambda API: v0.3.0 released

v0.3.0 adds JSONP support, cookie lifecycle management, and some additional updates, inching it closer to becoming a full-featured web framework for serverless applications. ⚡️🤘🏻 Read More...
🚀 Project Update:

Lambda API: v0.2.0 released

v0.2.0 adds location and redirect convenience methods and introduces NAMESPACES, a cool new feature for passing references within your REQUEST object. Read More...

How To: Build a Serverless API with Serverless, AWS Lambda and Lambda API

Update 5/3/2018: This post has been updated for use with v0.5 of Lambda API.

AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway have made creating serverless APIs extremely easy. Developers can simply create Lambda functions, configure an API Gateway, and start responding to RESTful endpoint calls. While this all seems pretty straightforward on the surface, there are plenty of pitfalls that can make working with these services frustrating.

There are, for example, lots of confusing and conflicting configurations in API Gateway.  Managing deployments and resources can be tricky, especially when publishing to multiple stages (e.g. dev, staging, prod, etc.). Even structuring your application code and dependencies can be difficult to wrap your head around when working with multiple functions.

In this post I’m going to show you how to setup and deploy a serverless API using the Serverless framework and Lambda API, a lightweight web framework for your serverless applications using AWS Lambda and API Gateway. We’ll create some sample routes, handle CORS, and discuss managing authentication. Let’s get started.

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🚀 Project Update:

Lambda API: v0.1.0-beta released

I made a few changes to support empty response and automatic string conversion. There were some minor documentation updates as well. Almost ready for a stable version. 🎸 Read More...
🚀 Project Update:

Lambda API: v0.1.0-alpha released

This is the first initial release of this project. It's been in testing for quite some time, so I'm hoping to get some others using it to help debug and recommend features. 🤞😀 Read More...